Emirates Thalassemia Society

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Educating the populace of UAE is one of the key goals of the Emirates Thalassemia Society, & one evolutionary way in which this goal is achieved is through the UAE wide educational institutional competition- ‘What is Thalassemia?’.

In this competition students from different levels of schools, universities, colleges & institutes participate to make projects on Thalassemia. The competition has been running successfully for 5 consecutive years and is very carefully categorized into 3 levels, each with interesting categories such as organizing weekly awareness campaigns, designing websites, shooting short films, and research.

The final outcome of the whole process, planning and execution of ‘What is Thalassemia?’ is significantly overwhelming, since it involves thousands of students, faculties, families, in cooperation with the local community organizations and best of all a very disciplined understanding of the negative consequences of Thalassemia all together. The projects not only educates, encourages and benefits our next generation towards the premarital tests and blood donations, but also endows us with the freshest, fascinating, and the most innovative concepts to run our future awareness campaigns.

Emirates Thalassemia Society intends to run this campaign yearly, and each time with even more zeal from the students and the educational institutions all around UAE.

Emirates Thalassemia Society takes it as a responsibility to target our nation and secure their future from a fatal disorder like Thalassemia! 


UAE National Day

41 UAE National Day celebrated the ‘Spirit of the Unity’ with Thalassemia patients all around UAE

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The Emirates Thalassemia Society was established on the 10th of October 1997 and its objectives are:

  • To assist and help patients suffering from Thalassemia disease.
  • To establish contacts with International Thalassemia Societies and organizations.
  • To arrange health education and Thalassemia disease awareness programs to prevent the spread of the disease in the local population.
  • To motivate and encourage people to donate blood for Thalassemia patients.
  • Providing information and guidance to those families at risk of having a child with Thalassemia disease.
  • To encourage Thalassemia patients to be self-sufficient and productive so as to help the progress of our country.
  • To seek the moral or financial cooperation of eminent societies and organizations in UAE, as per the law of the country.

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